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Why visit the Kazachok Licensing Forum ?

The KLF is the only meeting place in France dedicated to brands and derivatives. It attracts all the professionals of the brand license.

This is the opportunity for you to meet your partners but also new players in the market, retailers, agencies,business generators,...


Multisectorial visitors

Licensors, Retails, Services, Other

A spectacular concept

Different kind of format to exhibit with a large surface of expression and showcasing

Customizable exhibitor section

Promotion of your brands on our media: website, magazine, newsletter.

A palet of business services and opportunities 
As an exhibitor you are able to:

  • Contact registered visitor beforehand to make appointments.
  • Present the future strategy of your brand/company portfolio to a selected audience.
  • Benefit from a major communication plan to present the new products of your brand to retailers, agencies and more.
  • Come into direct contact with a targeted audience selected for their connections to the distribution, ownership and development of Licensed Products.
  • Find new distributors, collaborators and business opportunities.

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