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Art Ask Agency SL
Numéro de stand : A04
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Anne Stokes Collection , Arantza Sestayo, Back2Back , Bibian Blue, Black & White, Brandalised, Ciruelo, CITOGRAPHY, City Girls, Cris Ortega, Frida Kahlo, Ginger&Bread, Hook Up , iStyle Originals, Luis Royo, Mega Minimals, Muy Pop, Official Charts, Parental Advisory, Pets Rock, Turnowsky, Tvboy, Victoria Francès, Visual Noise,
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More Fun than Fame With Pets Rock Takkoda offers all sorts of amusing characters and celebrities within this cool license. From cult film star legends and Queens, to a Nobel Prize winner, from dictators and pop-stars to a would-be Saint, nobody is off limits for a harmless poke of parody! The designs started off as a greeting cards range in the UK and today counts over 40 top licensees around the World.
TVBOY is the artistic name and the brand created by Salvatore, an Italian artist who started painting in the streets of Milan in 1996. MODERN ICONS & URBAN POP ART.
A collection of artworks and photographs of Banksy graffiti, the world’s most famous graffiti artist.
The ultimate pet imagery brand. Studio Pets are cute baby animals photographed in adorable settings, with stylish props and stunning graphics. Studio Pets by Myrna is the brain puppy of fashion photographer Myrna Huijing. Myrna’s love for animals and photography is combined in fun, fashion-forward designer products. Every new Studio Pet has video footage that can be used to make merchandise come to life – literally! With hundreds of images to choose from, Studio Pets have inspired many successful merchandise collections around the world.
Since 1940 Turnowsky has been a leading-edge design house, producing a seemingly endless stream of works of unique creativity and outstanding quality. All Turnowsky designs are developed in-house and can be found in Macy’s 5th Avenue, the KDW, Harrods, Isetan and selected leading retailers in more than 40 countries.
Mexico’s most famous female artist and style icon is now available for licensing through the Frida Kahlo Corporation. With a growing number of followers Worldwide, the Corporation along with the support from the Kahlo family is dedicated to education, sharing and preserving Frida Kahlo’s image and legacy. Passionate and talented with a great personality and devotion for life, Frida has become an icon to modern women of all ages and a feminine heroine.

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