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Booth number : C07
The expertise of France tv distribution and the strength of France Télévisions’youth content ensure successful and perennial licensing developments.

Come at booth C07: Peppa Pig, PJ Masks, T'choupi, Léna rêve d'étoile or Mr Men, Une Saison au Zoo, Silence ça pousse. Fort Boyard 30th anniversary and new brand such as Riding Zone.
List of properties represented by this company
Charley & Mimmo, Des Racines et des Ailes, Find me in Paris, Fort Boyard, La Maison des Maternelles , Little Brown Bear, Masha and the Bear, Mr. Men Little Miss, Peppa pig, Peter Rabbit, PJ Masks( Animated Series), Secrets d'Histoire, Silence ça pousse!, Simon, Slam, Thalassa, The Whizz Report, Une Saison au Zoo,
Focus on :
The Preschool hit brand ! More than 40 Licensees in France, 1000 different products on the market and 400 TV episodes produced by 2020 ! Broadcasted on France 5 in the Zouzous preschool block, the Peppa Pig TV series will be on air all of 2019, every day. Many retail and marketing activations are planned this year, starting with a great partnership with Vinci and Téléthon! The end of the year will also be full of surprises...
It's time to be a hero! 2019 will be the year of PJ Masks! The TV series is broadcasted on France 5 and France 4 in Zouzous, and the 3rd season will be launched in September 2019 (season 4 in progress). The first PJ Masks products were on the market in 2017, and have ALL met an incredible success! More than 50 licensees are already on board in France!
The hero of the toddlers 2-5 year-old! Little Brown Bear, classic hero of the books and magazines published by Bayard in France since 1975 is the everyday companion of kids for 50 years. Close to little kids, loved by their parents and grand-parents, Little Brown Bear, is extremely successful: 1 million books sold/year, 2.9 millions magazines sold/year, high Youtube scores (560 000 subscribers...). Among the Licensees in France : CIJEP, Ravensburger, MLP, Bayard...
1905: Lena, young Russian Princess, studies ballet in Paris. But when, one night, she wears a necklace her boyfried offered her, she suddenly finds herself stuck in the 21st century! Filmed in the Paris Opera in the Palais Garnier, this amazing TV series will be broadcasted on France 4 for April 2019. This release will be supported by a huge media plan on air and PR events.
Everyone knows Mr Men and Little Miss! 90 characters, 250 million books sold in the world (more than 2.5 million sold in France each year), 260 000 fans on the French Facebook page, and a strong Youtube channel in France, Mister Men and Little Miss are erverywhere!Our favorite characters were special guest of an exhibition during the all year (at "Musée en herbe"). Lots of artists presented there own version of our heroes, it was a huge success! The license, destined to all from babies to grand-parents, boys and girls, reaches every target. In 2019, special operations are planned all year long: Ortolan, McDonald's or Total.
Follow the daily life of the animals and veterinarians of the Zoo de la Flèche in France! 7 seasons after the first broadcast of the show on France 4, A Season at the Zoo has become a classic in France for families and kids 4-10 y.o, who can also watch the program on Youtube. The success of the books published by Larousse proved the commercial potential of the brand, and other licensees have now joined the adventure: Pimchou, Lansay... An operation in restaurants is also planned for Summer 2018.
The friend of the toddlers! Known and loved by parents and children, T'Choupi is a classic brand. Our hero will have once again a year full of events and surprises in 2019: broadcast of the TV series "T'Choupi à l'école" on France 5 in the preschool block Zouzous, strong presence on Youtube, new products, launch of the baby product range, publishing events (books and magazines)...
Simon summarizes the impertinence and sweetness of childhood! Smashing success on TV, Simon, the rabbit who says "Caca Boudin", the series is always on TOP 5 of the Zouzous programs on France 5! Licensees in France: CIJEP, Ravensburger, Pimchou...

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