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We have been publishing numerous comics bestsellers (Titeuf, Lou, Kid Paddle, Game Over…) and are leaders on manga books. Our bestselling manga series for Kids, Chi’s Sweet Home, has sold more than 1,5 million copies in France and a new series (Chi, My Kitten) will be released in April 2019. The same month, a new volume of Titeuf will also be released! Titeuf vol.15 was N°2 of the comics market in 2017. The animated series consists of 327 episodes over 4 seasons. Let’s discuss over a comic book!
List of properties represented by this company
Bibi Fricotin, Bogzzz , Calagan (par Fane, Perna et Fortenay), Captain Biceps, Chabouté, Chi, Claude Serre, Franky Snow (par Buche), Game Over, Grrreeny, Joe Bar Team (par Bar 2 & Fane), Kid Paddle, La bande à Tchô!, La Rubrique Scientifique (par Boulet), Le Guide Junior, Lili, Lou! (par Julien Neel), Mafalda (Quino), Malika Secouss (par Tehem), Mamette, Marie Frisson (par Baptizat & Supiot), Nini Patalo (par Lisa), Ptit Chabal, Raghnarok (par Boulet), Samson et Néon (par Tébo), Smax (par Bertschy), Tchô !, Tib & Tatoum, Tony et Alberto (par Dab's), Tootuff, Tuning Maniac, Valentine, Womoks (par Renaud & Boulet), Zblucops,
Focus on :
With more than 6 millions copies sold, Joe Bar Team is an unmissable reference for motorbikes enthusiasts !
Titeuf will be back in April 2019 with a brand-new volume ! And many surprises are to be expected in 2020. In 2017, Titeuf vol.15 was N°2 of the comics market, as was the previous volume in 2015! The TV series have been broadcasted by France Televisions since 2001 (4 seasons) and is also a hit in Spain (RTVE)! The brand is linked to numerous licensees: Hamelin (stationery and backpacks), Playbac (calendar), Nanoblock (figurines), etc. Titeuf renews its audience and is one of the rare brand targeting both boys and girls !
Tib & Tatoum is a family property for kids (7 to 12 years old). A TV series (52 episodes) is currently on the air on TF1. The 5th volume of the comics series is scheduled for november 2019. And Quo Vadis is developing a back to school collection (stationery and bags) for 2020.
Chi is a lovely kitty who sold more than 1,5 million copies! Recruitment from manga Vol.1 is still high and on our manga bestsellers list Chi ranked 1st on Kid audience. Starting April 2019, a brand-new manga series will be released (4 vol). Chi is also released in a 3D animated series: the 2nd season will be broadcasted in 2019 (25 new episodes)! Numerous products are available: stationery and back to school (Quo Vadis), figures and key chains (Attakus), Gift and plushes (Abysse Corp, Plastoy), children's clothes (Orca).
Following the success of vol.7 (ranked 3rd of the comics market for kids and teenagers in 2016), Lou new adventures in vol.8 (2018) were a hit! Lou is an elegant and modern teenager, a big sister for an 8-12 years old audience!
Mafalda is a worldwide phenomenon, the main character of the famous comic created by Argentine author Quino. An international hit on the comics market: Mafalda's adventures have been published in 50 countries, translated into 20 languages and have sold over 50 million copies worldwide.

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