Nelvana Enterprises
Booth number : B05
With more than 4 000 episodes in in its catalogue, Nelvana (part of the Corus Entertainment Group) is a leading animation studio on the market of the young content production.
Nelvana is a key actor in the consumer products business by managing the licensing rights of the Beyblade Burst success and be the licensor of classic/iconic property such as Babar!
Nelvana develops various preschool brands such as Super Boomi, Esme & Roy and Ranger Rob on and is working on a broadcast and CP strategy.
List of properties represented by this company
Beyblade Burst, Mysticons, Ranger Rob, Super Wings, ZhuZhu Pets,
Focus on :
The story revolves around Valt Aoi and his classmates as they fight their way through tournaments with their eyes set on the title of "World's #1 Blader". - Target : boys 6-10 yo - French broadcast : on GULLI with strong ratings : 6.6M of viewers in September 2017 and 1.7M on the replay - Season 2 broadcast from Sept. 2018 - Innovative toy line launched by HASBRO : #1 of sales in the total market! - French championship organized in April and the Worldwide Championship at the end of the year! - Successful mobile app with 183K users and 4M of battles in Sept. - A dedicated Facebook page and Youtube channel
Using the power of imagination and their friendship, BOOMi bear and his best friends transport into the virtual Star World to save their toys and the world’s toys from the evil, Mega Bug. TV series of 40 episodes targeting kids from 4-7 years old.
Ranger Rob is a series that encourages pre-Schoolers to get up off the couch & explore their world, just like Rob does! - Target : 3-6 yo - Broadcast on TF1 in TFOU block - Season 1: 48x11min + a new season - A toy line developed Master Toy IMPORT DRAGON
Esme & Roy are best friends – and the best monstersitters in Monsterdale! This pre-school series - 52 episodes of 11 minutes, targeting 4-7 years old - brings little viewers along on relatable monster adventures and is packed with playful learning, humour, heart, and musical monster-y fun.

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