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Studiocanal develops their franchises in 2019-2021:
Shaun the Sheep 2 : Farmageddon (Oct 2019) and season 6 of the TV serie (End 2020)
Timmy Time in France (End 2019)
Little Vampire, the movie (Déc 2019)
Paddington, season 1 of the TV serie (Q1 2020) and Paddington 3 for 2021
SAMSAM the movie (Q1 2020) and the season 3 (Q1 2021)
The Secret Garden (April 2020)
Ernest et Celestine 2 (End 2020) and season 2 (end 2021)
Catalogue: Terminator, Rambo, Highlander, Basic Instinct, Evil dead...
List of properties represented by this company
Apprend avec Timmy, Basic Instinct, Canal Football Club, Ernest et Célestine, Escape from New York, Evil Dead 2, Films Godard: Le Mépris, Pierrot le fou, A bout de souffle, Highlander, Little Vampire, Paddington, Rambo, SamSam, Shaun the Sheep, Terminator, The Avengers, The secret garden, Timmy Time, Total Recall,
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The cutest member of Shauns herd has its own show. “Timmy Time” is already popular amongst the young audience in France since its debut in 2010. You can currently catch it on France 5 during the “les Zouzous” program aimed towards the younger clientele. On two occasions, the series received the “best pre-school animation series” at the Children's BAFTAs.
Produced by Folivari, Mac Guff and StudioCanal. In Cinema Q1 2020. Season 3 of the TV SERIE in 2021. Available on Netflix.
AARDMAN studios. Shaun the Sheep, the movie : 1.2 million admissions in France. Release of Shaun the Sheep : Farmageddon on october 16th 2019. TV serie on France 2, France 3 and Boomerang. 6 seasons by 2020.
Produced by Folivari. Success of the film in 2012 : Best animated film Cesar Awards, nominated for the Oscars. MOVIE 2 in 2020. Season 2 in 2021. Exhibition Paris-Bruxelles Q4 2018. Ciné concert at the Auditorium in Lyon and Montpellier. Philarmonie 2020.
Paddington's story begins when a bear arrives in London from the darkest Peru as a stowaway. An iconic, traditional and British license. With a new series broadcast on M6 in early 2020 and a third film planned for 2021!

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