Toei Animation Europe SAS
Booth number : B07
Toei Animation is a leading Japanese animation studio which holds worldwide successful brands such as Dragon Ball, One Piece, Sailor Moon or Captain Harlock. The European office manages the TV and merchandising rights for EMEA.
List of properties represented by this company
Captain Harlock, Crayon Kingdom, Défis Nature, Dr. Slump Arale , Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball Z, Fist of the North Star, Galaxy Express 999, Getter Robo, Goldorak, HeartCatch PrettyCure, Love in Rock'n'Roll, Lovely Complex, Magical Doremi, Majin Bone, Marcelino, Master Hamsters, Mononoke, Nadja Applefields, One Piece , Petz Club , Pretty Cure, Rosie, Sailor Moon Crystal, Saint Seiya, Saint Seyia Omega, Yes! Pretty Cure 5, Zachtbell!,
Focus on :
The cult series, stronger than ever! Broadcast all over EMEA, movie release in Q1 2019, new toys and video games for 2019,...
The world famous pirate is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year...and he's doing it with style! The anime benefits from a good TV visibility in France and Europe, while a movie will be released end of 2019. Many merchandising products are now available across Europe (Monopoly, gift, toys, video games,...)

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