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Cyber Group Studios, french producer & distributor now has a strong portfolio with a high visibility on an international level : From Zou to Zorro The Chronicles through « Mirette Investigates or Gigantosaurus, Droners, Sadie Sparks... Cyber Group Studios offers quality entertainments. Our objective is to develop our brand in a 360° way : From the broadcast to the setting of an international licensing program adapted to consumer needs and supported by strong marketing campaigns.
List of properties represented by this company
Droners, Gigantosaurus, Les enquêtes de Mirette, Manon, Melle Zazie (TV series), Mia, Mia, Nefertine, Nos voisins les pirates, Ozie Boo!, Sadie Sparks, Taking down Taffy, Tatonka, Tom Sawyer, Yetili, Zorro, the chronicles, Zou (TV Series),
Focus on :
26 episodes of 22' CGI - 2D for 6-10 years old. TERRAQUA in the PAROA archipelago is buzzing and for a good reason : the biggest DroneRace organized is starting soon ! The TIKIS team is coming to win the race because the futur of the archipelago depends on winning the cup. Broadcasting : TF1 in France - International broadcaster in negotiation.
3 seasons (156 episodes of 11'). Target : pre-school. Broadcasted in more than 150 countries in over 30 languages. ZOU is now an international licensing program with more than 50 licensees all accross the world.
52 episodes of 11 minutes - HD CGI. Target : kids. From the best-seller by Jonny Duddle, published by Templar in 12 countries. At Dull-on-Sea, the quite life is suddenly turned down by the appaearance of...a family of pirates! Launched in November 2017 on France Television, the series will be also broadcasted all accross the world (KIKA, Clan...)
Mirette is 11 years old. Her passion : IN-VEST-IGATING! Kidnappings, heists, missing persons… the more bewildering the mystery is the more she loves it. Back up in all her adventures is provided by her « catssistant », Jean-Pat, an extremely lazy orange cat. The series was launched end of 2016 on TF1 and Canal Plus. It has also been sold in Germany (WRD), Spain 5TV3 Catalunia), Belgium (VRT)...
52 episodes of 11 minutes each. Target : 6-11 . Supernatural sitcom 2D/3D CGI. Sadie is a teenage Wizard-in-training and Gilbert is a whashed-up old rabbit : but together, they're magic ! European Launch in 2018 on Disney Channel.
52 episodes of 11' - HD CGI. 4-7 years old boys and girls cartoon. 4 young dinosaurs explore a pre-historic world where the most exciting mystery of all is the Gigantosaurus, the biggest dinosaur. Wordwide release early 2019 on Disney Junior, on free TV channels (France Television, Super RTL...) and on Netflix. jakks Pacific will be Master toy Licensee (scheduled launch : Christmas 2019) and Tempar will develop a global publishing program.

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