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Home Made Licensing selects for you only the best and the most creative. Take a look at our portfolio of unique licences :
• Brands and characters : Polaroïd, Abalone, Dobble, Tann's, Kanabeach, Little Nicholas, Bonne Nuit les Petits, Shadoks, Iznogoud, ISA, NYC Subway, Austin, BSA, Rover, MG...
• Innovative concepts : Kapitales, Nanoblock, Anooki…
• Talented artists : 100drine, Dodo & Cath, Alain Grée, Nina de San, Gwenaëlle Trolez, Misteratomic, …
List of properties represented by this company
100drine, Abalone, Alain Grée, Angeline Melin, Anooki, Atelier LZC, BARO SARRE, British Motor Heritage, BSA Motorcycles, CAPUCINE SIVIGNON, Celebridols, Chapristi, Clémence G., dobble, Dodo & Cath, Dominique Vari, Elise Demozay, Fifi Bastille et tante Paulette, Gwenaëlle Trolez, I like birds, International Space Archives, Iznogoud, Je suis en CP, Kanabeach, KAPITALES, Little Nick, Métro NYC, MISTERATOMIC, Mlle Mouns, Morbidosi , NANOBLOCK, NASA, Nightly Night, Sleep Tight, Nina & other little things, NINA DE SAN, Panda Boo, Petits Grains, Polaroid, PROSE CAFE, Rodier, Sandrine Chambéry, Sophie Adde, Stickerbang, Suzie Q, Tan's, The Little Prince Classic, The Shadoks, TWIST TITI,
Focus on :
ISA : thousands of high definition photos of outer space missions and explorations.
12 millions games sold worldwide since its inception in 2010. In 2017, Dobble reached N°1 in the UK and N°2 in France.
This game has been around for 30 years. To date, 10 millions of games sold worldwide.
Kanabeach was created by surfers and launched in Brittany in 1987. The brand's DNA is cool, brash and quirky. Oberthur has been developing back-to-school collections since 2002.
Little Nick is the offspring of René Goscinny (author of Asterix & Obelix, Lucky Luke...) and Sempé. Sempé gained international acclaim thanks to his collaborations with the New Yorker.

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