This document contains the general terms of sale that apply to all services and products provided by the KAZACHOK company.

Art 1 – Application of the general terms of sale – binding nature of the general terms of sale
These general terms of sale constitute the basis of the sale negotiation and are always sent to each client to allow him to place an order. As a result, unless otherwise agreed, the act of placing an order implies the client’s full and unreserved acceptance of these general terms. Once accepted, our clauses apply to all future  transactions and to their performance, even if the order is sent to us by e-mail, or another written document that do not contain our sale terms. Any clause to contrary contained in the buyer’s order and not accepted in writing by Kazachok shall be deemed ineffective.

Art 2 – Description of the services and products provided by Kazachok
The services and products provided by Kazachok include purchases of advertising space, rental of data bases,  sponsoring, and subscriptions to magazines, newsletters, on line information, exhibitions and participation in events such as tradeshows and information meetings, training and consulting.

Art 3 – Order placing
Our clients’ sending of instalments or a written document confirming their orders constitutes unreserved acceptance of the general terms of our services. Our general terms are substituted to all clauses to the contrary including the  « client »’s general terms, which the latter hereby formally waives. Our clients’ orders are taken into account on their acceptance date.

Art 4 – Purchase of space / Contents – Order time - Guide, site, newsletter, magazine
No order may be accepted by telephone if not followed by an order form (mailed or emailed). All advertising orders are performed on price terms applicable on the reservation date.
Kazachok’s acceptance of an insertion order only gives the advertiser the right to occupy the space reserved or any other equivalent space. The publishing release or on line release dates of the text or advertising visual are provided for informational purposes only. Kazachok cannot guarantee that competing advertisers will not be present on neighbouring or adjacent locations during the period. The documents provided by the advertiser should be published in full and Kazachok shall refrain from making any change without its client’s prior consent. No change or order cancellation may be made by telephone or e-mail. Any cancellation, suspension or change shall be sent by registered mail with receipt confirmation and Kazachok is free to refuse in accordance with professional media customs, the publication of an advertising order without any need to justify its refusal, which shall not entitle the advertiser to any compensation and shall not exempt if from paying advertisements already published. Such refusal shall be notified to the advertiser before or after the communication of the documents. Kazachok’s responsibility shall not be incurred in the event of any impossibility to print, publish or circulate the publication for reasons beyond its control. In such circumstances, no delay or failure to circulate will justify the termination of the order or lead to damages and will exempt the advertiser from the payment of advertisements already published. The advertiser exempts Kazachok from any civil liability it may incur due to advertisements it published on order, and shall compensate any loss it will sustain and will hold it harmless against any trouble, claim and any actions by third parties as to such insertions, which it shall be solely responsible for. All technical items and electronic documents provided by the advertiser shall meet the specifications defined by Kazachok. Any possible minor correction or change requested by the advertiser and generating costs shall be charged extra to the applicable price. Kazachok declines any responsibility as to the printing rendering if the colour densities do not meet the prints provided.

Art 5 - Subscription
The client shall receive by e-mail, one month prior to the term, a notice of term asking it to renew its subscription. The subscription is renewed automatically. To terminate or change its subscription, it is essential to send us an  e-mail before the end of your subscription at

Art 6 - Kazachok forum / Exhibitors / Sponsors
For any order, an instalment in the amount of 50 % of the all taxes included amount shall be paid by cheque or transfer on the contract execution date, unless otherwise agreed. The payment of the balance shall be made once month and a half before the service begins. No cancellation shall be effective before Kazachok’s receipt of a letter sent by registered mail with receipt confirmation sent to headquarters.
Order cancellation
-    Made between six and three months before the date the event starts, 40 % of the total all taxes included amount of services shall be owed as cancellation fees.
-    Made between three and one month months before the date the event starts, 70 % of the total all taxes included amount of services shall be owed as cancellation fees.
-    Less than one month before the date of the event starts, the client irrevocably agrees to pay all agreed services.
Responsibilities, payment for equipment and risk transfer.
The equipment provided by Kazachok is non-transferable and inalienable. It remains under the full responsibility of the client as from its provision (delivery or receiving) to its return (take over or return). The transfer of responsibility shall take place as from the provision of the equipment. The insurance intended to cover an operator renter against risks to the public or equipment shall be its exclusive cost and responsibility. The Client assumes the risks of Product loss or of damages caused to the Products as from their provision to their return. The renter should advise the lessor of any incident taking place during the period it is responsible for the equipment. Any loss, breakage or deterioration of our equipment shall be charged extra at replacement value. The renter is responsible for any deterioration resulting from the involvement of external parties. Complaints regarding the equipment are not admissible unless they are made in writing during the period the client had the custody thereof.
The exhibitor commits to have insurance for the booth, equipment and for any damage to a third party committed.

Art 7 – Price – Payment terms – Failure to pay
The services and products provided by Kazachok shall be charged in euros before taxes according to applicable regulations. Applicable duties and taxes, including VAT shall be those applicable on the delivery date. Any change in rate may be passed on to the price of the services and products. Upon the first order sent by the client, Kazachok shall open an account. Amounts owed shall be the subject of invoices sent to the client. Amounts invoiced shall be owed upon the issuing of the respective invoice and payable by cheque or bank transfer, cash unless otherwise agreed by the parties. Space purchases should be paid for upon order.
Termination clause  
Should the buyer fail to pay upon term, the sale shall be automatically cancelled at the seller’s option, 10 days after the sending of an unsuccessful injunction stating the seller’s intention to claim this clause.
Event of default clause
Any late payment will result in the immediate payability to the seller of all amounts owed by the buyer.
Late payment penalty  
Any late payment will result in a penalty, equal to the latest refinancing rate of the ECB European Central Bank), increased by 10 points, calculated in proportion of time on amounts owed.
Penalty clause  
Failure to pay on term shall result, subject to an unsuccessful injunction sent by registered mail with receipt confirmation, in the payability as damages, of a compensation amount equal to  15 % of amounts owed. By formal agreement, payments made by the client shall be applied first to outstanding invoices corresponding to issue invoices.
In addition, a lump sum of € 40 for recovery will be payable for any violation of the settlement date

Art 8 – Complaint – dispute reporting
No complaint shall be taken into account after a period of fifteen days as from the service or delivery date. Any complaint shall be sent by registered mail.
Complaint on invoice
No complaint shall be taken into account after a period of fifteen days as from the issuing of the invoice. Any complaint on invoice should be made in writing.

Art 9 – Contractual documents
A contract entered into by signing the order form constitutes the parties’ full agreement.

Art 10 - Trademark
Kazachok is the sole owner of its brands, names, acronyms, logos, colours or other distinctive signs and of those made in the framework of the contract unless otherwise agreed. The client agrees to comply with all of  Kazachok’s  rights to the above items and shall refrain from causing any  analogy or risk of confusion in the public’s mind, for any purpose and by any means.

Art 11 – Intellectual property
Kazachok shall provide the client with the support, documentation, information and data needed for the use of the services and products provided, it being understood that Kazachok remains the owner thereof and that such provision shall not, in any way and by any means be deemed to grant the client any right to use or any licence over the intellectual property rights pertaining to the said media, documentation, information and data.

Art 12 – Complaints
No complaint shall be taken into account after the 15 day period after the latest date of the service performed by Kazachok.

Art 13 – Jurisdictional clause
Any dispute of any kind relating to our sales shall be brought before the Business Court of Nanterre; French law shall apply to all our services.



Prices indicated for each participant (visitor) include access to the show for 2 days, access to the presentations and permission to pre-register for the Pitching Sessions, as well as access to their personal Visitor Section (on website) and documents uploaded for visitors. The Kazachok company reserves the right to deny access to the fair.

Tariff per person until midnight 25th March 2016: 45 € before tax.

Tariff per person after this date: 90 € before tax.

Registration will only be confirmed after payement


Access to the show will not be possible until payment for the badge is completed.  
The badge can be collected from the welcome area on the days of the show.


In case of cancellation, participants can be replaced. We must, however, be informed of any cancellations in writing.

Any cancellation occurring one month before the event is entitled to a 15% reimbursement from Kazachok. If the date of cancellation is less than a month before the event, the full amount will still be due.

The organisers reserve the rights to change the progam if, in spite of their efforts, circumstances dictate that they do so.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Kazachok:

Au 01 55 95 00 20  ou par email à

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