Ping-Pong Workshops

During the two days of the Forum, some exhibitors and contributors will host Ping Pong workshops, during which they'll adress specific themes. Join them around the Ping Pong table in the Agora. The opportunity to share experiences and move forward on some subjects!

The calendar on the right lists all the Ping-Pong Workshops available. Register as soon as possible because the number of seat is very limited and the online registration will end on the 28th of March 2018.


How to register to a Workshop ?

The chart on the right hand side let you have a look at the workshops schedule.

To register you need to :
1./ Order a badge to attend the Forum

2./Sign in the visitor section
3./ In the "Atelier Ping-Pong" section click on the Workshop you want to attend.

WARNING the number of places is limited.


Wednesday, April 4
Table n°1 | Table n°2
   11H00 - 11H30
FranceTV Distribution
12H00 - 12H30
M6 Licences
14H00 - 14H30
Discovery Communications / Eurosport
14H00 - 14H30
VIZ Media Europe
Thursday, April 5
Table n°1 | Table n°2
   12H00 - 12H30
14H00 - 14H30
Studio 100 Animation
15H00 - 15H30
Visitor's section
Exhibitor's section